Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages

Bottles ready for cultured foods and beverages
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Chicken Liver Pate

What an easy way to have offal every week. Lovely fresh organic chicken livers at Northey Street Market today and they're already converted to pate. As I'm only one person in my home, I've found that pate freezes really well.

I'm using the pate on my seed crackers. Three of these with pate, fill me and I'm not likely to snack on anything else.

Here's my easy, easy recipe.

500 gr organic chicken livers
5 slices nitrate free bacon rasher
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
slurp Brandy
Sea Salt
Dried herbs (thyme or Herbs de Provence)

Add butter to pan and quickly frizz the bacon, onion, garlic. Add chicken livers, salt, herbs and lightly cook until livers are brown on outside and pink on inside.

Add to food processor along with Brandy (or Sherry) and blitz to your taste texture. I like mine left a little coarse, but some like their pate very smooth. If it needs smoothing out some more, you can pour in some duck fat. This is a fast and easy recipe and very tasty and nutrient rich.

Read what Chris Cosentino has to say on the topic.

Offal is truly a highly nutrient dense food which is becoming strangely unfashionable. Livers are an excellent source of vitamin A, which promotes healthy skin, teeth, and eyes, as well as full of iron, zinc B vitamins, vitamin C and vitamin D. Beef liver contains huge amounts of copper and good amounts of healthy fatty acids.

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